How to identify the best at home hair color brand for your hair 

Help! Which Hair Color Brand Is The Right Fit For Me?

With so many products out there, you’re probably wondering which hair color brand is best for you. 

The brand you put on your hair is just as important as the product. If you’re not sure which product is best for you, check out this post!

Regardless of the brand you use, permanent hair color has chemicals in it. It’s necessary to actually change the color of your hair – unless you use Henna hair color, which is a little different, and a whole lot messier.

But, just because you need an activator chemical in your hair color to get it to work, doesn’t mean all the chemicals are necessary. Which is why back in 1994 our founder searched high and low for ingredients to create plant-inspired formulas.

She knew that these formulas promote healthier skin and hair.  

Since the 90s we’ve continued to innovate. Continuously testing naturally derived ingredients to replace some chemicals that aren’t necessary in our formulas – without sacrificing the results.

So, how do you go about finding the best hair color brand for your hair?  

You first need to ask yourself what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re looking for plant-derived ingredients? Maybe the application process and time are important to you? Or maybe the maintenance of the product is critical? 

Either way, it’s important to know what you value in your hair color to help you evaluate the right brand for you. Here are three things our customers love about our permanent hair color.  

Better Ingredients

Whether you are just getting your feet wet with plant-inspired beauty products or already swapped out everything in your house to eliminate harsh chemicals, the ingredients found in the products you use on your body and in your home are so important to live a cleaner, healthier life.  

This is why we’re committed to giving you a better choice in hair products by using fewer chemicals and adding more plant-derived ingredients.  

This means you can trust Naturtint products as an alternative. You’ll never find ammonia, artificial fragrance, heavy metals, parabens, silicone, animal products, or sodium Laureth sulfate in any of our products – not just our permanent hair color line.

Our permanent hair color formula uses plant-inspired ingredients that aren't found in other at-home hair color brands and these ingredients leave you with more vibrant skin and hair. 

Instead, you’ll find ingredients like bio-botanical oils, including:

olive oleic acid

Oleic acid is an essential fatty acid extracted from olive oil that is linked to many health benefits. Oleic acid has a heavier and denser texture with moisturizing properties, leaving you with soft, beautiful hair!

meadowfoam seed oil

Nourishes and conditions the hair for extended shine and color.  

Easy Application

While we know the ingredients are super important, we believe the application and your time is just as critical.  

With other products available that eliminate all chemicals from their formula, the process to apply it can be rather messy and long. 

Here at Naturtint, we pride ourselves in a permanent hair color formula that has less chemicals but is also easy to apply – because we know you have better things to do than spend your entire afternoon coloring and cleaning up your hair.  

Everything you need to color your hair at home comes included in the package. No need to purchase the dye and the applicator separately. 

Once you’re ready to begin, the steps truly are as easy as 1, 2, 3. From preparing yourself and your space, to applying the color, and rinsing and conditioning your hair you’ll be done in about an hour – start to finish. 

We don’t think it gets much easier than that!  

Vibrant, beautiful color

Selecting a color for your hair off of a box or a screen can be extremely challenging. And, is probably one of the hardest parts of picking the right hair color brand for your hair.  

While you should always perform a color strand test on your hair before committing to the color you selected, our customers rave about their results! 

But, don’t just take our word for it, here’s what they’re saying:  

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