✔️ follow all direction on the label and in the package

✔️ do a patch test on your skin every time before you dye your hair

✔️ keep hair color away from your eyes, and do not color your eyebrows or eyelashes - this can hurt your eyes and may even cause blindness

✔️ wear gloves when applying hair color

✔️ carefully follow direction in the package and don't leave the hair color on your head any longer than needed - keep track of time using a clock or timer

✔️ rinse your scalp thoroughly with water after using hair color

✔️ do not color your hair if your scalp is irritated, sunburned, or damaged

✔️ keep hair color out of the reach of children

✔️ wait at least 14 days after bleaching, relaxing, or perming your hair before using color


Naturtint Permanent Hair Color contains hydrogen peroxide, PPD and other hair color micro pigments which are known skin sensitizers. Warnings about these chemicals are included on the box and in the enclosed leaflet. Some Naturtint products also contain tree nut-derived ingredients which may cause allergic reactions in individuals with tree nut allergies. Should you encounter any type of sensitivity or allergic reaction, please immediately discontinue use of the Naturtint product and consult a doctor or dermatologist on how to proceed. 

We want all Naturtint customers to enjoy using our products safely and effectively, so please remember, anyone can be sensitive to a wide array of ingredients – both natural and synthetic – and allergies can develop at any time. For this reason, it is very important that you read the complete instruction leaflet carefully and fully before use and perform your own skin sensitivity test every time you color your hair.

After your skin sensitivity test, you should also perform a color strand test particularly if you are using the brand for the first time or trying a new shade. Your final color result will be affected by the color, thickness, and overall condition of your hair, so the same color on two people may not always be the same!


Any cosmetic product can cause an unexpected allergic reaction and, for this reason, a skin sensitivity test must be carried out before each and every use we recommend 48 hours before coloring your hair – even if you are a regular user of hair dyes. If your scalp is irritated, or you have damaged or broken skin, do not complete the skin sensitivity test and do not color your hair until your scalp is fully healed. Be aware that even if a sensitivity test has been carried out, you may still experience an allergic reaction when you color your hair. The sensitivity test is an important precaution but it is not a guarantee to avoid future allergic reactions.

Allergy & Safety Advice

permanent hair color & root retouch

  1. Remove any earrings. Cleanse a small area (1-2cm) of skin behind your ear or on your inner elbow and dry gently.

  2. Put on the gloves provided and carefully unscrew the caps from the Colorant & the Color Developer bottles.

  3. In a plastic bowl, using plastic utensils, mix a small amount (in equal measures) of the Colorant & the Color Developer until completely blended. Do not use a metal bowl or metal utensils. Reseal both bottles immediately to preserve the contents ready for full application 48 hours later.

  4. Using a cotton ball or swab, apply the mixture to the cleansed area behind your ear and on your inner elbow and allow it to dry.

  5. Then apply 2 more layers, each time allowing the areas to dry in-between.

  6. Leave the test mixture on the skin for at least 48 hours without washing, covering or touching the test area.

  7. If you experience any signs of a reaction, such as swelling, redness, blistering, rash or itching, in or around the test area, you are sensitive to one or more of the ingredients within the formula – RINSE IMMEDIATELY AND DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR HAIR.


PPD, or paraphenylenediamine, is a chemical micro pigment that is widely used in oxidative hair dyes, to ensure a permanent color and complete grey coverage. Naturtint is manufactured in Spain and the use of PPD is strictly governed under EU regulations (which are more stringent than in the US) because it can cause allergic reactions. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color contains the absolute minimum levels of PPD, well below the maximum set by EU law, and adjusts these to the lowest amount necessary for each shade. Naturtint Root Retouch Creme contains toluene-2,5 diamino sulphate (also known as PTD or para-toluenediamines), that works in a very similar way to PPD and is also strictly regulated by the EU, because of the risk of allergy. In Root Retouch Creme, we adjust the levels of PTD used to the lowest amount necessary for each shade, which is always well below the maximum set by EU law.

If you have a known allergy to PPD or PTD, please don’t use a permanent hair color that contains these ingredients – regardless of the levels used – and be careful when considering any true, permanent oxidative hair dye, as all will contain ingredients like those mentioned above. It is also possible for individuals who are allergic to PPD (p-phenylenediamine) to also be allergic to PTD (para-toluenediamines).

No matter the brand or type of colorant, whenever coloring your hair, always carry out a skin sensitivity test before use.

  • General Advice

    Show the safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance. Immediate medical attention is required.

  • Inhalation

    In case of discomfort assure fresh air breathing and seek medical advice if necessary.

  • Eye Contact

    Rinse immediately with plenty of water, also under the eyelids, for at least 15 minutes. Keep eye wide open while rinsing. Do not rub affected area. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. Get immediate medical advice/attention. 

  • Skin Contact

    IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water. May cause an allergic skin reaction. Contains P-Phenylenediamine. It can cause contact dermatitis in some people.

  • Ingestion

    Do NOT induce vomiting. It is recommended to give a defoamer (vegetable oil or dimethicone) and milk to relieve oral and gastric irritation. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Get immediate medical advice/attention.

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All Naturtint products are dermatologically tested on willing humans for safety and efficacy.

If you require medical attention or experience any allergic reaction, please immediately discontinue use and take a copy of our safety data and ingredients with you to your doctor.

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