We’re revealing our top tips on how to protect your hair from the sun

Summer Hair Care: How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

As much as we love sunny summer days, we also know that this time of year can really take a toll on our hair. Elements like sun, water, heat, and humidity all affect the hair’s integrity, especially if you’ve recently applied a fresh color. That’s why It’s important to avoid overexposure and take adequate measures to protect your hair whenever you’re outdoors.  

Wondering how to protect your hair from the sun and keep your locks looking gorgeous this season? We’ve got you! Keep reading to learn our top tips on how to keep your hair healthy and your color vibrant this summer!  

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How to protect your hair from the sun this summer  

Heat and humidity don’t have to equal bad hair days! Here are some ways to keep your hair looking great even on the steamiest of days.  

1. wear a hat  

If you’re already wearing a hat or head covering when you go outdoors, hats off to you! Hats are a great way to help protect your hair from sun damage. And, best of all, you have options. Everything from a floppy hat to a baseball cap will provide protection.  

Not a fan of hats? Try a scarf or headwrap instead. It’s lightweight, can be personalized to match your unique style, and still provides a layer of protection.  

2. don’t forget the uv protection  

UV rays are probably your biggest concern when it comes to summer hair care. After all, your hair needs as much sun protection as your skin does. UV rays can cause color fading much faster than usual, as well as deplete moisture and cause frizz or split ends. 

If you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors, it’s important to know how to protect your hair from sun damage. Be sure to apply and reapply UV protection to your skin and hair. For optimal protection, use sunscreen created for your hair and scalp. When choosing a product, look for oil-free and water-resistant formulas with SPF in addition to UV protection.  

3. choose the right shampoos and conditioners  

It’s essential for people with color-treated hair to use the right shampoos and conditioners in order to properly treat and maintain radiant hair color during the summer. Using a product like Naturtint’s Color Care Shampoo will help your hair stay moisturized and prevent dry and damaged hair.  

Pro tip: After you’ve finished shampooing and conditioning your hair, air dry if you can or gently pat your hair dry with your towel. Be careful here – using too harsh of a towel drying technique may cause damage to your lovely locks!  

4. use a leave-in conditioner  

Before heading to the beach or pool, it’s a good idea to apply a leave-in conditioner like Naturtint’s CC Cream Leave-in Conditioner to prevent damage caused by pool chemicals. Besides adding an extra layer of protection to your hair cuticle, using a leave-in conditioner will help your hair stay moisturized. 

5. always wet your hair before and after swimming  

But, if you don’t have any leave-in conditioner handy, it’s still a good idea to saturate your hair with clean water before you take a dip in a pool or catch a wave in the ocean. Wet hair basically acts as a buffer – it won’t absorb as many chemicals or saltwater as dry hair does. And remember to rinse off after you’re done swimming too! Rinsing out your hair will help to remove any chlorine or salt buildup in your hair. This tip is a must, especially for color-treated hair!  

6. avoid heat tools  

The hot summer temperatures make air drying hair an easy choice. Not to mention, the combination of the summer sun and heat tools can combine to damage your hair. It’s the perfect season to skip the blow dryers, straighteners, and other heat tools when possible and opt for more natural styles that are easier to maintain.  

7. don’t excessively shampoo your hair  

When the heat and humidity ramp up in the summer, you may be tempted to wash your hair more often. But you should be aware that excessive shampooing can dry out your hair by further stripping it of your hair’s natural oils. Like we mentioned earlier, when you do need to shampoo, make sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and follow up with a conditioning treatment.  

8. hydrate!  

Our body is made up of roughly 60% water, and therefore, hydration has a huge impact on our hair, skin, and nails. If we’re dehydrated, our hair will show it.  Be sure to drink lots of water and other cool fluids during the summer to ensure that your hair strands stay healthy and hydrated. It’s also a good idea to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and any sugary drinks that may further dehydrate you. This tip shouldn’t be ignored!  

Wrapping it up  

Now that you know how to protect your hair from the sun, we can’t wait for you to enjoy the great outdoors this summer! However, before you do, we hope you’ll keep these tips in mind. The key to healthy hair is simply this: a balance of great products, protecting yourself from UV damage, and avoiding techniques that may damage your hair when possible.  

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