We're breaking down 4 ways to master gray hair coverage

4 Ways To Master Gray Hair Coverage

You may be like so many women who wish that gray hair could be gone with the snap of a finger. Unfortunately, a magic formula that eliminates gray hairs forever probably won’t ever exist. So instead, we’ve created a list of tips and tricks for mastering the art of coloring gray hair with Naturtint Permanent Hair Color. 

Here’s what you need to know for covering your gray hairs more effectively:

1. Choose the right color.

If you have gray hair, pause before grabbing the first box of color that catches your eye, and opt for a Natural (N) tone. They’re the ideal shades for maximum gray coverage. If you’re going for reds or fashion tones, the gray strands will act as highlights, giving the final color some variation. For the most even coverage, mix your shade of choice with a natural tone to get even coverage. Our Color Specialists are available to assist you in choosing the best options for mixing colors.

2. Consider going lighter.

Once gray becomes your predominant hair color, think about lightening your hair. When your gray hairs do start growing back in, they won’t stand out as much against lighter hair as they would against a darker shade. This tactic will help to disguise your gray hairs longer between your color treatments.

3. Reduce the developer.

Fighting stubborn gray hairs? Your hair cuticles might be resisting the lift needed to allow the color to penetrate. Try cutting back on the developer by up to 25% to increase the color concentration. This will allow for deeper saturation in color. 

4. Leave it on longer.

If you’re using Naturtint hair color products, we usually recommend leaving the color treatment on for 40 minutes. However, if you have stubborn gray hairs, you can leave it on 5 minutes beyond this recommended timeframe. Those extra minutes should help your hair cuticles open a bit more.

When coloring your hair, keep these tricks in mind for gray coverage success, or reach out to our amazing Color Specialists for advice or assistance. And to help your hair color stay strong between sessions, check out this blog on 5 Ways to Keep Your Color From Fading.

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