How to: Color Your Hair At Home

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What Should I know Before I Color my Hair?

Choosing a color

Visit these articles to choose the right Root Retouch or Naturtint Permanent Hair color!

The color strand test

It is important to perform a color strand test, following the instructions in the coloring kit, each time you color, but especially if you are new to Naturtint or planning a significant change to your hair color. A good time to perform the color strand test is while performing your sensitivity test 48 hours before coloring. 

Apply Naturtint to clean dry hair

Naturtint hair color must be applied over dry, unwashed hair that is free of styling products, which can interfere with how your hair takes the color. If you do have products on your hair, it is best to wash and wait 24-48 hours before coloring to allow pH and natural oils to normalize.

I have long hair. Will one box of hair color be enough?

One Naturtint kit should be enough to cover shoulder-length hair. Hair that is longer than shoulder-length or more voluminous may require two or more kits.

Do I Have to Perform a Color Strand Test Every Time I Color?

It is important to perform a color strand test, following the instructions in the coloring kit, every time you color, but especially if you are new to Naturtint or planning a significant change to your hair color. A good time to perform the color strand test is while performing your sensitivity test 48 hours before coloring. The following links will guide you on how to perform both your tests before coloring:

How Often Can I Color My Hair and Should I Apply it to My Whole Head of Hair Every Time?

Wait at least 2-3 weeks between hair colorings

The longer you wait between colorings- the better. For best results, wait at least two weeks between hair coloring treatments. 

  • Most of us will see root growth after 2-3 weeks.
  • Naturtint developed the Root Retouch to blend seamlessly with your existing Naturtint permanent hair color to extend the time between full colorings. If your root growth is more than an inch in length, it is best to use a full-size kit of Naturtint permanent hair color to perform a root touch-up.

Leave the coloring on your roots longer than your ends.

It can produce uneven results coloring your whole head of hair every time.  If you apply the hair color to your whole head for the same amount of time each time you color, the ends of your hair can retain too much color and appear darker than other sections of your hair. Typically for a root touch-up with the same color, you will leave the hair color on your roots for the longest time (especially in the case of gray coverage) and on the mid-length and ends of your hair for the least amount of time. Performing a color strand test will help determine how long to leave the hair color on three different sections of hair to achieve the most even results!

Can I use Naturtint Hair Colors to Lighten or Highlight My Hair?

There is a saying in the salon industry "color cannot lift color," and they are correct. If you would like to transform your brunette hair to blonde or add highlights, you should seek a professional's help - not an at-home hair color. With Naturtint permanent hair colors, you can go as dark as you'd like but can lighten your hair color by only one or two levels. Lightening your hair by more than one level will typically expose underlying red, orange, or yellow colors in your hair depending on your starting hair color and the shade you choose. For example, if your hair color is naturally a 5N and you apply an 8N to it, your results might be two to three levels lighter with orange hues.

Sometimes people do not mind seeing warm hues in their hair, but this is not an ideal color for many. If you need advice on correcting warm or brassy hues, this article is helpful: What are brassy or warm hues, and how do I get rid of them?

How Natural are Naturtin Hair Coloring Products?

There is no such thing as 100% natural permanent hair color. The formula has to contain synthetic ingredients in order to achieve lasting results. Naturtint’s hair colors are up to 92% naturally derived using the global ISO 16128 standard which defines naturally derived as plant or mineral-derived materials and water that have undergone limited processing, but like other permanent hair colors, they contain ingredients that could cause allergic reactions in certain individuals. Please perform a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before coloring to decide if Naturtint permanent hair color is right for you. 

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