We're breaking down how to do a successful root touch up at home

How To Do A Root Touch Up At Home

What’s the biggest perk of coloring your hair at home? You get to create a stunning look that’s uniquely your own! However, as is the case with all hair color, you’ll eventually have to deal with root regrowth.  Whether you’re looking to cover grays or cover up the fact that your ‘natural’ hair color isn’t quite so natural, doing a root touch up is a great idea. And, the process is way less intimidating than you may think.  

Ready to tackle root touch ups head on? Keep reading to find out how to do a root touch up at home!  

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What to know before you begin the root touch up process 

Before you start coloring your roots, you’ll want to perform a few simple tests and make sure to find your perfect shade of Naturtint Root Retouch.   

skin sensitivity test 

Doing a skin sensitivity test will help you determine whether or not your skin is sensitive to the hair color. If you didn’t have a reaction during your skin sensitivity test, then you have the green light to color your hair! Check out our page here to learn more on how to perform a skin sensitivity test. While you’re there, be sure to check out the complete list of supplies you’ll need during the coloring process!  

hair strand test 

Your final color result will depend on the color, thickness, and overall condition of your hair. To ensure you’ll be happy with your Naturtint hair color, we advise you to carry out a hair strand test. This way, you’ll be able to identify your expected final color result and the development time required to achieve it. Learn more about how to perform a hair strand test here. Don’t forget to write down your ideal development time so you’ll remember it when you’re coloring your hair! 

which shade of Naturtint root retouch is right for you?  

Before you begin coloring, you’ll want to figure out the best shade of Naturtint Root Retouch for you. Or, if you’re not sure, feel free to contact one of our Naturtint color specialists here. They’re always happy to help!  

Here are our general guidelines:  

  • Dark Brown: Suitable for root application on hair that has been previously colored with Naturtint 2N or 3N. 
  • Light Brown: Suitable for root application on hair that has been previously colored with Naturtint 4N, 4G, 5N, 5G, or 5GM (previously 5.7). Not suitable for copper, red, or intense shades.  
  • Dark Blonde: Suitable for root application on hair that has been previously colored with Naturtint 6N, 6G, 7N, 7G, or 6GM (previously 6.7). Not suitable for copper, red or intense shades, or hair darker than a 4.  
  • Light Blonde: Suitable for root application on hair that has been previously colored with Naturtint 8N, 8G, 9N, or 10N. Not suitable for copper, red or intense shades, or hair darker than a level 6.  

How to touch up your roots  

Now that you’ve figured out the best shade of Root Retouch and performed your skin sensitivity and hair strand tests, you’re ready to color. Follow the steps below for beautiful results!  

prepare and mix up your color  

Ensure your hair is dry and clean, as a build-up of styling products can affect your color result. We recommend coloring your roots at least 24 hours after your last wash. This will allow some of the scalp’s natural oils to be produced and will help protect your scalp during coloring. Comb your hair before application, leaving the roots visible: top part, crown, or temples, depending on your hairstyle.  

Also, be sure to wear gloves throughout the coloring process! We also recommend protecting your shoulders and clothes from stains by using an old rag. Old rags also work well for protecting your space too! 

apply your color  

Application tip: Apply the mixture to your roots and ensure the hair is completely covered. Don’t massage the product through the rest of your hair – just stick to your roots!  

Then, leave the mixture in to develop for 10 minutes (or 20 minutes if you have stubborn grays).  

rinse and condition  

Once you’ve reached your desired development time, it’s time to rinse the mixture. Gently massage your hair while thoroughly rinsing it with warm water. You’ll know you’re ready for the next step when the water runs clear.  

Then, cleanse your hair with a pH balanced shampoo to ensure all hair color is removed. Before you move on to conditioning your hair, be sure to gently squeeze the excess moisture from your hair.  

For the final step, apply the included Protective Conditioner to help detangle your hair. Gently massage the conditioner from the roots to the tips, and leave in for 2-5 minutes. Once time is up, rinse thoroughly and then dry and style your hair as you normally would. Now your roots will seamlessly match the rest of your hair color!  

caring for your color  

To make it easy for you to continue caring for your hair after your root touch up, we’ve developed a full line of aftercare products specifically for colored hair. These include our Color Care Shampoo, Color Care Conditioner, and CC Cream Leave-In Conditioner.   

Coloring your roots may be necessary, but the confidence you get from your great color makes it more than worth your while! As you can see, we offer a wide range of Root Retouch options that are sure to leave your hair feeling vibrant and strong.  

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