We’re breaking down how to do a hair strand test and why it’s important

How To Do A Hair Strand Test

By now, you’ve probably daydreamed about your ideal hair color, seen it in pictures and videos, and figured out which box of Naturtint hair color to purchase. We’re sure you’re anxious to try it out! But, before you use the entire box of hair color, it’s a good idea to perform a hair strand test, especially if this is the first time you’re testing out a new hair color. 

A strand test is a great way to get a sneak peek of what your hair color will look like so you can decide if you need to make any adjustments before using the entire box of hair color!  

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Why do a Hair Strand Test?  

When you’re using a box of hair color for the first time, there are many reasons why you should do a hair strand test.  

You can use a hair strand test to:  

  • Test if your box of hair color matches your desired results and if it’s light or dark enough. 
  • See where you need to make adjustments to your color.  
  • Reveal your individual results; If you dye your hair regularly, your hair may be extra porous and the results may be different than the model’s picture on the box.  

Doing a hair strand test is especially important if you’re lightening your hair. For example, if you are trying to lighten your hair by more than two shades, it may turn orange if you do it wrong. Then you’ll have to spend extra money having a hairdresser fix it. Like we said, everyone’s results may be different due to a number of factors including: your hair’s starting shade, whether your hair has been pre-lightened or not, your hair’s porosity, and the time the hair color is left in to develop in your hair.  

Not sure how to perform a hair strand test? Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the process step by step below!  

How to do a Hair Strand Test  

Before we show you how to do a six step hair strand test, you’ll want to make sure you have a few items on hand: a pair of gloves, your box of Naturtint hair color, and some sort of watch or timer. Now you’re ready to start!

step 1 

Put on a pair of gloves and mix a small portion (about a teaspoon of each) with equal amounts of color and developer in a separate bowl. Then, cap the unmixed portions to save for later. For best results, mix the color and developer in a plastic dish or bowl (do not use metal or ceramic).   

step 2

We recommend separating a small amount of hair (1/4 inch thick) right over the ear because it can be easily hidden. Hair closer to the back of the head tends to be darker and may provide misleading results. No need to cut any hair off your head as this can provide inaccurate results.

Pro Tip: Use a small rubber band or clip to separate the lock of hair so that the rest of your hair doesn’t get color on it!

step 3

Apply mixture to your strand of hair (lock of hair from root to tip) and leave it on for the appropriate amount of time.  

step 4 

Take a peek at your recommended development time and set a timer to help you stay on track! Next, check your hair after 20-30 minutes. Or, if you’re looking to get rid of stubborn grays or achieve a more intense color, leave on an additional 10  minutes. Rinse out the hair color once you’ve reached the appropriate development time.  

step 5 

Gently blow dry the section of hair to reveal your color result.  

step 6 

Observe if the color is too dark, too light, or exactly what you’d hoped for. This is your opportunity to adjust the timing if necessary. If you’re pleased with the final result, proceed with coloring your full head of hair. If not, reach out to a Naturtint USA Color Specialist to get started choosing another color that may suit you better.  

Looking at the Big Picture  

Now that you know how to do a strand test to find out if the hair color matches the ideal color you envisioned, you’ll know if the box of hair color you chose is the one for you or if it’s time to try a different color. And, by doing a strand test, you’ll be able to prevent any potential hair color catastrophes!   

Still have questions or unsure of what color to try? Be sure to get in touch with one our Naturtint USA color specialists – we’re always happy to help! Happy hair coloring!

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