We’re breaking down what fall hair colors to expect this season 

This Just In: The Fall Hair Colors You Need Right Now

As the fall leaves begin to turn golden brown and the weather gets cooler, it’s the perfect time of year to transform our hair color too. This season’s hair color trends feature a mix of déjà vu along with some stunning new trends.  Grab your favorite fall drink, sit down, and join us as we reveal the gorgeous fall hair colors that are trending this season!  

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Fall hair colors trending right now  

If you’ve been wanting to switch to a warmer hair color, fall is the perfect time as the colors in nature are warming up as well. Best of all, there are shades that’ll give you that fall feeling you’re seeking without having to mix in another shade! 

Explore our favorite standalone shades for fall:  

Now, keep reading to find out which color combos you can use to create some of our favorite fall hair colors!  

strawberry blonde/dark copper  

The strawberry blonde color that started to gain momentum in summer 2021 is still going strong for fall. And, it fits perfectly in the season’s unofficial color palette. Best of all, strawberry blonde (or copper) is very low maintenance. As the color fades, it becomes more golden than brassy.  

Get this look at home by using our 8C Copper Blonde for bright strawberry blonde (copper). To add more blonde or if you’re covering grays, mix a Copper (C) shade like 7C or 8C with a Natural (N) shade like 7N or 8N. You can mix ¼ to ½ of the C shade with ¾ to ½ of the N shade. If you’re looking for only a hint of copper, mix in a couple of teaspoons of the copper tone into your N shade, along with an equal portion of the developer from its box.    

Or, if you’re looking to achieve a darker copper shade, be sure to check out our 5C Light Copper Chestnut

burgundy or wine  

The red wine hair color trend has always been a fall staple and this year is no different. From a dark mulled wine to a velvet merlot color, these gorgeous shades of red are the ones to watch out for this season. Luckily, you can create this classic color from the comforts of your own home!  

To achieve a radiant burgundy/wine color, a mix of a Red (R) shades like 3R or 5R with a Mahogany (M) shade like 4M or 5M will create that look. If you’re covering grays, you’ll want to mix them with a Natural (N) shade like 4N, 5N, or 6N. The R shade will add true red tones to the Natural tone and the M shades will add more purple mahogany tones. Mix ¼ to ½ of the R and/or M shade with ¾ to ½ of the N shade. As we said, be sure to use equal parts colorant and developer from each bottle when mixing!  

red hair color for all?  

Not sure if you can pull off one of these red fall hair colors? The truth is that everyone can rock a radiant red look! However, there are certain skin tones that complement different shades of red better than others.  

Here’s a quick reference:  

  • For lighter/pale complexions, strawberry blondes and copper toned reds work best.  
  • For skin with pink or red undertones, stick to dark red shades such as ginger and auburn. Create a beautiful auburn look with our 4NC Deep Cappuccino Brown (Neutral Brown + Copper) or 5GC Deep Cinnamon Chestnut (Golden Brown + Copper). 
  • Purple-based reds (like our mahogany shades) will complement warm-toned darker skin best.  

Redhead hair care  

As much as we love reds as fall hair colors, they do tend to fade faster than other colors. That’s mainly because the large molecule in the dye makes it’s harder for the color to enter the center of the hair (as compared to other colors). To keep your hair color vibrant longer, we suggest adding our Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner to your shower routine. Not only will these products help to extend your gorgeous color, they’ll also hydrate your hair and boost its shine!  

Not sure if you want to dive headfirst into the redhead life? After performing a hair strand test and skin sensitivity test, use the color on only a few streaks of hair. Can we tell you a secret? This is actually a new trending style for fall 2021 (often referred to as the “money piece”)!  

And, if you’re looking to create a hair color that’s uniquely your own, be sure to check out our line of USDA Certified Biobased Permanent Hair Color! With 35 shades, you’re sure to find a shade (or combo of shades) that’s perfect for you! 

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