Our secret to soft, radiant hair: meadowfoam seed oil

The Secret To Soft, Radiant Hair: Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Although there are many natural ingredients responsible for the conditioning properties of Naturtint hair color products, meadowfoam seed oil is the hero. The tiny, unassuming seed comes from the Limnanthes alba plant and consists of up to 30% oil. Meadowfoam seed oil closely resembles sebum which is the secretion responsible for keeping human hair and skin naturally moisturized.

Meadowfoam seed oil softens the hair, preventing dryness while soothing the hair and scalp. After coloring with Naturtint, your hair is left visibly shiny and extra soft thanks to the moisturizing properties of the oil extracted from the seeds of this delicate little flower. Say goodbye to color fade and hello to long-lasting color!

In addition to the rich texture, which is safe and nourishing for all hair types, we’re also in love with the environmental sustainability of this amazing plant. Coincidentally, 90% of the world’s meadowfoam is farmed in our home state of Oregon and requires no pesticides or herbicides to thrive. The crop is highly renewable and can be easily rotated, which is optimal for natural soil health. Beyond the precipitation provided by Mother Nature, meadowfoam requires no additional irrigation. Bees provide pollination in the springtime and spent seeds and hulls are often fed to livestock after cold-pressing, closing the loop on the life cycle of this nutrient-rich crop.

Phergal, Naturtint USA’s manufacturer in Madrid, Spain, has been sourcing meadowfoam seed oil from Oregon for years and we’re proud to sing the praises of this heroic ingredient. The powerful moisturizing and conditioning properties attributed to this tiny seed make us proud to help you experience a little bit of Oregon every time you treat yourself to our vibrant, nourishing hair color.

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