Here are our top tips and styles to tame your locks and the great outdoors on your next adventure.

Hair Care For The Great Outdoors

Grab these tips and styles to tame your locks and the great outdoors on your next adventure.

Whether you’re spending a week in the backcountry, or a day at the lake, hair care in the outdoors can prove to be an adventure in itself. When tending to your locks outside it is important to have a hair care routine that is quick and practical, while being environmentally friendly and safe. Hiking a peak while being wind-whipped by a feral mane of loose hair may not only be distracting, but dangerous too! Here are some of our tips to help tame those rugged tresses and have you feeling like a camp queen (or king) before you know it.

Environmental Factors

While we embrace equality, we acknowledge that not all hair is created equal! Though various hair types and textures require different care, when environmental factors come into play they hold no bias.


A day in the sun can wreak havoc on even the healthiest of hair. Exposure to UV rays can damage the delicate outer layer of your hair strands called cuticles, creating discoloration, split ends and dryness. Treat your hair like you would your skin. Find a good hair protectant and use it for prolonged, direct sun exposure – or throw on a hat! When using a product outdoors, opt for plant-based products over ones with heavy chemicals. Too many products on the market contain harmful ingredients that will have a negative impact on the environment as well as your luscious locks. Try Naturtint’s CC Cream Leave-in Conditioner – Mother Nature and your hair will thank you.


Surf’s up, hair’s down, and salt is everywhere! Salt in the air can suck the moisture out of your hair faster than you can suck down a frozen margarita on a hot summer’s day. Solution? Condition, condition, condition! After spending a day at the beach, give your hair a little extra love and treat it to a mask or a leave-in conditioner. Our products are enriched with ingredients derived from plant and seed oil that help lock in moisture while adding nourishment.


We’ve all heard the term “feel the wind in your hair”, but when engaging in outdoor activities it is best to keep your hair back and out of your face to avoid taking your attention away from what you’re doing. You don’t want a rogue hair getting stuck in your eye, especially if you’re climbing the side of a 100-foot rock wall!


Depending on the climate and your geographical location, you may experience a fair bit of humidity. Humidity causes hydrogen bonds to form between the water molecules and proteins in your hair. Hair is extremely sensitive to humidity so you may expect straight hair to go wavy and curly hair to go even curlier while being prone to excessive frizz. Try sealing your strands with a silicone free serum. If you choose to embrace your natural texture try a curl cream and get to scrunching! And if you would rather just avoid the situation all together, throw it up in a bun.


Rolling out of your sleeping bag looking like the bride of Frankenstein is a normal, yet preventable, occurrence when camping in the great outdoors.  Here are some styles that will transform your tangled nest into an adventure-ready do!


Braids are a practical and stylish way to switch up your look! Double braids work perfectly for under hats and helmets while keeping hair out of your face and still managing to look cute.


Perhaps the simplest of hairstyles, and the easiest to do! Buns are an effortless fix for the “hairy scaries”. Just remember: when using bands for your hair in the outdoors make sure they are not made of plastic. If accidentally left behind, any multitude of small, woodland creatures could find it as a potentially hazardous snack.


Not only can they keep you warm, hats are extremely helpful in preventing sun damage and exposure to your scalp. A happy scalp will promote good cell turnover and bestow a healthy environment for optimal hair growth.


For lots of women, a headwrap or scarf is the go-to when it’s time to get to work or cut loose outdoors. Fortunately, wrapping your hair while spending time outside can also aid in protecting your scalp, keeping stray hairs out of your face, and wicking away unwanted moisture from perspiration. Opt for a lightweight, breathable cotton bandana or scarf to help keep your forehead free from excess sweat while providing coverage and comfort!

You can embrace the slowness and simplicity of nature while still maintaining your hair. It is okay for us as women, and men, of the outdoors to want to look good while being outside. There is no shame in your hair game, and following this guide will help you along the way.

Happy trails!

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