We're breaking down what winter hairstyles to expect this season

5 Winter Hairstyles To Try This Season

As winter approaches and you prepare to change your wardrobe for the new season, it’s the perfect time to change your hairstyle as well. Winter is usually a season that gives off a very glitz and glam vibe, however, this year it’s getting a makeover as cuts that are easier to style and maintain will shine. Keep reading to get a complete breakdown of the winter hairstyles that you’ll see everywhere this season and what hair colors to pair with them!  

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5 winter hairstyles to look out for this season 

Start planning your look for holiday parties and everything in between with these standout winter hairstyles.  

1. the blunt bob  

Throughout 2021, the blunt bob has been the top choice for women looking to make a dramatic change to their hair and go short. The beauty of this cut is that for medium, dense, or longer hair, you can add in layers around your face to make your hair feel lighter and add movement.   

2. long, choppy layers  

Long, choppy layers has always been one of the classic winter hairstyles. For anyone who’s grown their hair out during the pandemic, this cut is an easy way to keep the length yet still switch up your cut. Long, choppy layers will add movement to your current length and clean up any scraggly ends. This look can be styled many different ways and is a popular choice for women with all hair textures.  

3. the shag  

The comeback of the shag hairstyle this season may leave you guessing if you’re in 2021 or 1971. Since it’s such a versatile style, it seems that it’s here to stay. The beauty of this layered haircut is that it works well with or without bangs and for every hair type and texture. And best of all, it’s quick and easy to style!  

4. the shullet 

You may not have heard of this hairstyle. However, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a shag haircut blended with a mullet haircut. Also known as the modern version of the mullet, this shorter in the front, longer in the back cut suits both straight and curly hair.  One major upside of this hairstyle? It works with your hair’s natural texture rather than against it. Not to mention, it’s a low-maintenance look and helps to create softness around the face.  

5. bangs  

If you’ve been wanting to add bangs to your style but have been reluctant to get them, now’s the time to go for it! Not only are bangs trending for winter 2022, but the colder weather will also allow your bangs to hold up better without the heat and sweating to fight with. 

And, you have options when it comes to what style of bangs you want to go with. Use face-framing curtain bangs to freshen up your look. Or, choppy bangs and feathered bangs are also options that are in-style right now.  

Holiday hair tip: For a quick and stylish holiday party look, add a headband to your hairstyle with bangs. Or, you can part your hair to the side and add a festive barrette. 

bonus: hair half up, half down  

Another winter hairstyle throwback look making a comeback? The high half-up look. This look works best with long styles, but really any length can pull of a half up/half down look. Simply pull back the front and top strands of your hair and secure them with a scrunchie or elastic band. To best control stray hairs, add a spritz of hair spray.   

Winter hair colors  

A new season is always a great time to switch up your shade! And some of our favorite shades for fall are still going strong this winter. Be sure to check out:  

Or, if you’re looking for guidance on which colors to mix to achieve a trendy winter look, check out our post here

The temperatures may be dropping , however, cool and stylish winter hairstyles are on the rise. Whether you choose a short, sharp style or a longer style inspired by decade gone by, you’re sure to find an option that will have you feeling fresh and confident at all your holiday gatherings.  

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