We’re revealing our top tips on hair care for thin hair

Hair Care For Thin Hair

It’s no secret that thin hair tends to get a bad rap. After all, it can be pesky and difficult to manage. But, if you look on the bright side, you have less hair to style, shorter drying times, and silky-textured hair. And, there are strategies you can use for the best hair care for thin hair that’ll help you achieve great results.  

Keep reading as we share our favorite tips and tricks below!  

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Hair care for thin hair: our top tips  

Without even realizing it, there are things that you probably do on an everyday basis to make your hair more prone to damage and breakage. Luckily, by following these simple suggestions, you can have stronger and healthier hair.  

get regular haircuts  

One of our top tips for keeping your thin hair looking fresh and healthy is to get regular haircuts. Getting a haircut on a regular basis will help strengthen your ends and give your hair the appearance of being thicker and fuller.  

turn down the heat  

If you overuse heat products like straighteners and blow dryers, you can quickly damage your hair. And, thinner hair is already at a higher risk of damage. If you must use these products, we recommend turning down the heat. Or, you can opt to use a healthier alternative like products that create curls and waves without heat.  

avoid pulling your wet hair back tightly when wet  

It’s a great feeling to be able to put your hair up in a hair tie and keep it out of your face. But, you may want to wait until your hair is dry. Hair tends to over stretch when it’s wet, so pulling it back in a hair tie can pull out hair or break hair (especially thin strands).  

add vitamin b to your diet  

Biotin, also known as B7, is part of the family of B vitamins. Biotin is an essential nutrient for healthy hair, skin, and nails. More specifically, taking a Biotin supplement may help people with thin hair boost their hair health. Vitamin B7 is also found in some natural food sources (although in small amounts compared to a supplement). A few foods that include vitamin B include: nuts such as walnuts and peanuts, avocados, quinoa, acorn squash, banana, and sesame seeds. 

How to color and condition thin hair  

If you have thin hair, there are few things you should keep in mind when coloring and conditioning it to get radiant results!  

radiant color for thin hair  

For starters, you won’t need to color your hair as often. This is because fine hair is better at holding the color molecules than thick hair. Simply put, your color lasts longer!  

Your hair thickness will also affect your color processing time. Hair color tends to work faster on thin, fine hair and can come out darker and more extreme. Keep this in mind when figuring out your processing time.  

And, before you begin coloring, be sure to perform a hair strand test. This will allow you to get a sneak peek of the color results and will help you figure out if you need to add or subtract time for the color to process. For more info on how to perform a hair strand test, check out our blog post here

Did you know that if you have thin/fine hair, you can actually use color to make your hair appear thicker and fuller? For thinner hair, you could try coloring your hair darker. Thin hair is already prone to damage and coloring your hair darker is a safer bet than bleaching your hair or going lighter (which often leads to breakage). And, as a bonus, dark is also flattering for most complexions.  

To learn more about how to color your hair at home and get the best results, check out our blog here

condition the ends of your hair  

When you’re conditioning your hair, it’s important to remember that less is more. It’s true – a little bit of conditioner can go a long way! A product like Naturtint’s CC Cream Leave-In Conditioner is perfect for women with thin, color treated hair. Best of all, it’s made ingredients to gently detangle and hydrate hair while maintaining color, vibrancy, and shine. And, you should focus on conditioning your ends as over conditioning your roots can lead to oily hair faster.  

Hair care for thin hair pro tip: to get the most out of the CC Cream Leave-In Conditioner, add it to a spray bottle with water. This will make the CC Cream lighter and won’t weigh down your thin hair!  

Our goal is for you to find a hair care routine for thin hair that’s easy to keep up with and will give you great results. We have no doubt that if you follow the tips above, you’ll end up with beautiful and healthy hair!  

Naturtint’s full line of beauty products are created specifically to keep your hair color looking vibrant while also being kind to the environment.  

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