How to Choose Your Perfect Hair Color

Changing up your look is an exciting experience! Don’t let the fear of picking the wrong color discourage you from trying. Try our 4 proven expert tips to get the perfect hair color for you!
We’ve all had it happen. You try on a shirt or dress, and something looks off. It’s just not your style, or maybe not your color. Thankfully, it’s easy to switch out your outfit and carry on with your day. However, when choosing a permanent hair color, the margin of error is much smaller. “Fixing” the wrong color is not only frustrating but can be costly.

We’re here to help ensure your color comes out beautiful every time with 4 of our best tips to make permanent hair color less daunting.

1. Create Balance with Skin Tone.

If you’re not sure about your skin tone, look down at the veins by your wrist. Green-toned veins mean you have warm or yellow undertones. Blue-toned veins mean you have a cool or pink undertone.

Choosing hair color that is the opposite of your skin tone creates contrast. It can make a dramatic statement or simply balance out your skin tones.

Picking a color that is the same as your skin tone may seem like a safe choice, but that’s not always true. If you already have warmer skin with yellow undertones, adding golden hair may not create much of a contrast.  

2. Stay within the Two-Shade Range.

If you are searching for the color that looks most natural on you, stick with one or two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. This range will typically match your skin tone best.

Pro-Tip: It’s easy to color your hair as dark as you want. However, if you’re wanting to drastically lighten your hair, remember Naturtint permanent hair color can only lighten by one or two shades per treatment. Lightening more than two shades at a time can often create unwanted brassy tones.

3. Do a Strand Test.

Now it’s time to pick your hair coloring kit! Keep in mind that the pictures on the box are estimates of what your hair could look like. Because each person’s hair is unique it is impossible to predict if the color will turn out exactly like the model’s hair on the box.

The best way to predict your final color is to do a strand test before coloring. We know it’s really tempting to skip this step! But it’s especially helpful if you’ve never colored your hair before or aren’t sure how it will react.

Pro-Tip: We advise you to separate a lock of your hair, not just one individual strand. Also be sure you don’t mix the entire contents of the bottles for this test, as the unmixed portions should be reserved for your full color application. Check your hair color kit for specific instructions on how to conduct the strand test.

4. Mix and Match.

Finished with the strand test? If you didn’t get the color you hoped for, don’t despair! With Naturtint hair coloring products, you can definitely mix and match our 32 colors to help you get your desired shade.

Carefully read and follow the instructions. Or if it all seems overwhelming, we’re here to give you customized help! Just contact our color specialists for FREE expert personalized guidance.

Changing up your look is an exciting experience! Don’t let the fear of picking the wrong color discourage you from trying. Try our proven expert tips to get the perfect hair color for you!

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Naturtint Team

Naturtint Team

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62 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Perfect Hair Color”

  1. I have been dying my hair natural chestnut, but want to lighten it to tiede brown. I tried it with my gray roots hanging out about an inch, and it does not look good at all. How can I do it?

    1. Ashley Naturtint USA

      Hello Barb,
      You may wish to gradually lighten your hair only 1 or maybe 2 shades at a time, so that you do not see such a difference between your roots and length. The 5N is one shade lighter. (It is recommend to wait at least two weeks between coloring for best results.) The 7.7 is 3 shades lighter than the 4N Natural Chestnut which is why you are seeing such a difference. Once you have lightened your current tone by 1 or 2 shades you should have better results with the 7.7!

  2. I am really blonde due to already having blonde hair and then going to the beach as you know saltwater and sun can change things. however I want my roots to be a shade darker than my current color as I feel it washes me out and I am over 50. So I am using wheat germ blonde on a shade like 10A. Is that the best shade for me? do you have any suggestions?

    1. Naturtint USA

      Hello Blakely,
      Going one shade darker is definitely doable! I recommend root touch-ups with 7N – Hazelnut Blonde. If you stick with just applying the color to your roots it will naturally lighten over time as your roots become your length.

    2. My grey roots are showing and I’d like to color them but my hair is a medium to light blonde,kinda scared to do it myself cause of turning it red or brassy orange, this has happened in the past, help won what color to get for the roots, thankyou.

  3. My hair breaks off when I had it colored in a salon — three different times! Luckily I was just getting highlights, so I only lost 1/3 of my hair each time. This was with three different “formulas” used by three different professional hair colorists.. I’m a natural med. /dark blonde with warm golden skin tone. Will one of the medium blonde kits break off my hair? Do they contain ammonia and peroxide? Help!

    1. Naturtint USA

      Hello Molly,
      That sounds awful! Luckily, Naturtint has a lower chemical content, does not contain ammonia, and a plant enriched formula! Hydrogen peroxide is a necessary ingredient to any permanent hair color. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service line – 877.372.6567

    2. I used Naturtint for the first time today and even if 4G Golden Chestnut is a beautiful color it is too dark for me. I’d like to gradually lighten it to get to a nice warm caramel. I don’t like red tones at all and my natural hair is medium dark brown. I am growing gray roots every 3 weeks. What would you recommend? And also, is it safe to do an all over color every 4 weeks or should I just touch up roots? Thank you.

      1. Did you receive an answer?. I have the same problem my hair became natural hair colo is light medium brown now looks copper,…I need to know how to fix the red tone and cover my gray which are two months long..which color did they suggest?

        1. Jenean Naturtint USA

          Some information that is helpful in determining what would be the best color for you is:
          1. What shade is your current color? Look at our color chart to determine if your color looks like 5N – Light Chestnut Brown or 6N – Dark Blonde. Don’t consider the name, but focus on what the color looks like and let me know which is closest to your natural color.
          2. What percentage of grey are you covering, if any? Natural tones (N) are best for grey coverage. The warm tones and cool tones do not have the necessary pigment to cover resistant greys.
          3. Which color you are trying to achieve? Naturtint can only lift up to two shades of color. Depending on your level of resistence you may need to move away from the warm tones and focus more on natural (N) and ash (A) tones.
          4. What color are you currently using? If it’s a warm tone you may need to mix your color with a natural tone. If your color is more than two shades from your natural color you may need to add an ash tone (A).

          I would love to be able to provide you with customized advice. Please reach out to me via email ([email protected]) or via phone (877.372.6567). I’d love to help!

          1. Thank you for your help. I wrote an email. I attached some pictures. I want to look more natural light brown and remove the red copper color. It make my hair to look unhealthy and dryest that it actually is. but I definitely don’t want a dark color. I need to cover my grays.
            Do you think 6N or 7N mix with 6A will work and help?
            Please help me.

        2. To answer both questions: If your hair is too red, you can buy a product that is made to remove brass tones from your hair..they even have one called Anti-Red. Do a google search for “Products to remove brass tones after coloring your hair”and you will find a product. I believe the product I used before was made by Clairol. Another option is to go on YouTube and do a search for “How to remove red tones from hair after coloring”. There are tons of videos available that are amazing “how to’s” or “tips”on coloring hair at home. To gradually lighten your hair, I would strongly recommend you go to a stylist. You can seriously damage your hair or end up with horrible color, if you do not have experience with lightening your own hair. If you must lighten it at home, I also recommend going on YouTube and doing a search for “How to gradually lighten your hair at home”. They even have videos by professional stylists. Hope this helps both of you!

        3. I answered someone else but I am not an expert at this. She said she has medium brown hair. I said it did also but I am thinking maybe mine is like yours, light brown. What I read up was the N series helps with grey, ( for some reason I kept thinking it was ash series) but I googled it and that’s what it said. Last few times I used 6 n and 6 g . At first it comes out a bit dark then lightens up and gets a bit red. So maybe da G series gives a bit red. So I am going to try ash series with the N. I just tried this phone and did not work 877-372-6567. In d a past it did. I’m going to try tomorrow

          1. Jenean @ Naturtint USA

            Thank you, Jennfer! We got the line fixed 🙂 The answer to your comment above is that the red color is a natural occurrence of lightening. The closer you are to your natural hair color, the less problems you’ll have with those unwanted reds. So, if you are trying to lighten I would recommend dropping the golden tone and just mixing an N tone (for gray/white coverage) and an A tone (to counteract the red tones). You can mix them in a 50/50 mixture and whatever you do not mix you can save until your next coloring application. If you still have questions, please give me a call.

      2. Jenean Naturtint USA

        Hello Daisy,
        Naturtint can safely lift up to two shades, but resistant greys can look a little brassiness unless you mix that warm tone (golden (G), copper (C), mahogany (M), red (R)) with a natural/neutral tone (N). If you lighten up to a 5G you might not have problems with brassiness, but lightening any more than that will take some adjustments to your process. The level of color that you lighten to would take some conversation, but I’d be more than happy to provide you with some good customized advice if you reach out to me via email ([email protected]) or by phone (877.372.6567). First step is to determine your current level of color. If you are a 5 and you want to lighten to a 7 it is possible as long as one of the colors that you’re mixing is a natural tone (N).

      3. I’d say I have medium brown hair so I usually have to go with dark blonde as da lightest brown still is too dark for me. Best to try call them but when 8 tried da number it was messed up. If there is a color darker then dark blonde and lighter then golden chestnut try that. I’m placing an order right now for dye so cant wait to hear from them. But what I read is n series is good for grey coverage. Last few times I used 6N and 6 G and I got a little bit of red. I don’t mind a small amount . All I know is it is very difficult to get my original color . When I am in da sun, my hair had orange, others say its red tones in it. Good luck.

  4. Carolyn Headrick

    I am a former natural redhead…more copper than orange. It was beautiful, but now have gone platinum and feel like a dandelion gone to seed! I had my hair done at a salon and it was awful!! Just fire-engine red and at my age ( in my 70’s) it looked awful. So I have been working to make it tolerable. It is now just right….light ash blond. I love, love, love your hair color but most of all love the CC Cream included in your boxes. I was wondering if you make it separate so it can be used between colorings? It is wonderful and my hair feels marvelous after I put it on. I am hoping you sell it separately!!! Do you?

    1. Hello, Carolyn! Yes! You can always find where to purchase our products right on this website under the Where to Buy > Buy Now link. You can also purchase Naturtint’s CC Cream leave-in conditioner on Just type in Naturtint CC Cream into your Amazon search browser.

  5. Hello, Carolyn! Yes! You can always find where to purchase our products right on this website under the Where to Buy > Buy Now link. You can also purchase Naturtint’s CC Cream leave-in conditioner on Just type in Naturtint CC Cream into your Amazon search browser or follow this link –

  6. Hello, I’m so excited about buying my Naturtint color in Honey Blond and I can’t wait to use it. The only problem is I can’t seem to find a store that sells the coloring kit with the bowl, brush and comb to do the separations. Any suggestions? I checked Amazon but I would have to order and it will take a day or so for delivery. Thanks

    1. Jenean Naturtint USA

      Hello! If you are not mixing two colors together, a bowl and brush is not necessary. You can mix the colorant and the developer in the developer applicator bottle and apply with the bottle and massage in with your gloved hands. If you are mixing more than one color – or trying to save a portion to do root touch-ups – we recommend visiting your local beauty supply store and picking up a mixing bowl.

  7. Now I have 5cm natural roots on 6 level with a little grays and the bleached blond length. I want to dye same color as on picture of 8A. How can I do it?

    1. Jenean Naturtint USA

      Hello Alena!
      Level 5 roots and 8A – Ash Blonde are a bit of a stretch beyond the two shade rule and might cause you to battle hot roots. Also, 8A – Ash Blonde does not have a sufficient amount of pigment to cover grey/white hair by itself. Natural tones are best for grey coverage. My suggestion would be to mix 8N – Wheat Germ Blonde with 8A – Ash Blonde, but keep in mind that your roots may end up with warm hues. We recommend performing a strand test with a small mount to get an indication of what your final results will be. If you’d like more advice on how to mix for a color strand test or to ask any further questions, please reach out to our customer service team at 877.372.6567. We’d be happy to talk to you!

  8. Does Naturtint come in 9G Blonde?
    If not, what Naturtint color is the closest to L’Oreal Preference 9G Light Golden Blonde (Warmer)?
    Where is Naturtint sold, only at Whole Foods and through

    1. Jenean Naturtint USA

      Hello Theresa,
      Our lightest golden (G) color is 8G – Sandy Golden Blonde. To lighten that color you would need to mix with 9N – Honey Blonde. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to give our customer service line a call (877.372.6567) or send us a message through our Contact Us page.

  9. I have natural dark brown hair with only a few greys. I been dying my hair with Naturtint Golden Blonde 7G for a year. It does lighten my hair quite a bit, and I am happy with it, however, the colour is a bit too reddish for my taste. It only looks nice when it fades, after a few washes, as the red mostly goes away. I was wondering if one of the Natural (N) shades would be more appropriate. I was thinking about switching to Hazelnut Blonde (7N). Would this shade lighten my hair as much as the 7G without the golden/red effect? Or do you have another suggestion?

    1. Jenean Naturtint USA

      Hello Iara,
      The only difference between 7N – Hazelnut Blonde and 7G – Golden Blonde is that 7G has added yellow and orange to make the golden (G) tones. They are the same level of color.

      A lot of times, depending on the amount of grey/white that you are covering you will begin to see those brassy hues when using warm tones. The natural (N) tones have the right amount of the pigments necessary to cover grey. My suggestion would be to mix those two colors together in a 50/50 mixture – 7N and 7G. Because they are the same shade they also have the same volume developer. So, you can simply pour in 30 milliliters of each colorant into one of the developer bottles for a full application. If doing a root touch-up mix 15 milliliters of each color with 30 milliliters of developer. A cough syrup cup is a good measuring tool to use. Whatever you do not mix can be saved until your next color treatment.

      If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone – 877.372.6567 – or by email at [email protected]

  10. Hello….I am 64 with blue veins, natural very dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and very light skin. My problem is dealing with 75% grey roots which are too much against the darker hair, so I went blonde. Mainly because my hair seems to grow out so quickly. OMG it makes me look 10 years older! If I drop back to a light brown, can I use your product safely every 3 weeks? Has anyone seen a woman fitting my description that had a good looking hair color? What was it? Thanks!

    1. Jenean Naturtint USA

      Hello Lori,
      There’s a hair color that is right for everyone! Sometimes it just takes a little bit of experimenting to find it 🙂

      Before choosing a color we have to know a few things – how much grey you’re covering, which you mentioned above – and what shade your original color was. If you were naturally darker than a level 5 in color you might have problems getting to a 6 or 7, but it’s not impossible. Call us at 877.372.6567 and we can walk you through obtaining your desired color. One of our color specialist would be happy to assist you!

  11. It really helped when you said to do a strand test before you do any coloring. My little sister wants to go darker with her hair for the first time and is worried it won’t look good on her. I’ll have to show her this before she finds a hair salon to color her hair.

  12. Jenean Naturtint USA

    Hello Wilma, we do not sell that color in the United States. The closest that we have to that color would be 1N – Ebony Black.

  13. My hair is curly and it is really dry right now. It used to be nice and shiny. I moved upstate my and I have hard water. I went to deva curl the color stylist told me that I have to buy spring water to wash my hair because the minerals are changing my hair color. My natural color is like light brown..but since I have so much grays my first stylist told I was supposed to go lighter so when my grays are growing were not that much noticeable. My hair always became brassy, cooper. Reddish. For the last 2 months I have been using spring water to wash my hair and still my hair is dry and red color. Can you please help me to find a good tone. I am light skin but not to white ..really light brown eyes ..I need to put something that look natural but not to dark or red tones. I was thinking light brown but the buyers posted that that color is a little bit dark..what about light blonde? Can youn please help me.

    1. Jenean Naturtint USA

      Hello Paula,
      The best thing would be for me to be able to see your color. If you can email us a picture that would help me provide some good advice. There are a few rules of thumb, though, that we can consider. If you are getting brassy hues that you don’t like you can often counteract those by mixing an N tone (neutral) with an A tone (ash). Everyone has a threshold as far as how light they can go without turning brassy. To combat the dryness increase your application time with the Protective Cream Conditioner and consider using the CC Cream Leave-in Conditioner on a daily basis. If you have thin hair, it’s best to use the CC Cream sparingly. A little goes a long way. Conditioners close your hair cuticles, which trap in moisture and color. For further advice, please call and speak to one of our color specialist at 887.372.6567

    2. I’m sorry, but your stylist telling you to buy spring water to wash your hair is just about the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Buy a shower filter. Amazon sells them for affordable prices. We have hard water and I got the AquaBliss filter to go with the AquaDance shower hose.

  14. Hi, I normally have a black hair, because of some greys I colored my hair. I am using dark golden brown, I like it however after using it for a year now, I would like to make my hair a little lighter. Do I use light golden brown? Thank you

    1. Jenean Naturtint USA

      Hello Mary Ann,
      Permanent hair color has limitations on how light it can make your hair before turning brassy. Because your natural hair is so dark, the potential of getting brassy tones when going lighter is very probable. I would perform a color strand test with 7G – Golden Blonde and if the color is too brassy you can tone it down by mixing 50/50 with an N tone (neutral). If still too brassy, the next choice would be to mix an N tone (neutral) with and A tone (ash). For further assistance, please reach out to one of our color specialist at 877.372.6567

  15. I’ve found that all the “Golden chestnut Browns” are too dark and the darkest blonde doesn’t cover my gray very well. Last month i found a “Medium Golden Brown” which was perfect but since have not found that shade again. Do you still make it?

  16. I have very dark brown hair and if I mix 5n and 8a together. Would it give me a lighter brown tone without brassy color?

    1. Jenean Naturtint USA

      Hello Janice,
      Yes, I recommend performing a color strand test first. You would mix both the colorant and each developer in a 50/50 mixture. To perform a color strand test you would mix one teaspoon of each color to one teaspoon of each developer and apply it to a 1/4 inch chunk of hair that you would color one to two inches in length from the root. A color strand test would be the best indication of the final results. Please reach out to one of our color specialists if you have any other questions – 877.372.6567

  17. I am a medium brown base with 20% grey at roots. Should I use Hazelnut blonde or wheat germ blonde? I don’t want gold, but I don’t want ash.

    1. Jenean at Naturtint

      Hello Anna,

      To go more than one shade from your natural color you will probably need to mix an N tone with an A tone to counteract the naturally occurring brassiness (orangey tones) that will happen. Performing a color strand test with your color of choice will help you determine if it will turn brassy. Send us an email and I will have some great tips that I can share with you or give us a call and I can better explain why the brassiness occurs and what you can do to counteract it.

  18. hello my hair is dyed medium brown and i have a lot of grey. which color should work best .i dont see any colour that says medium brown.

    1. Jenean at Naturtint USA

      Hello Maryam,
      The shade (dark/light) is numbered 1 – 10. 1 being black and 10 being the lightest blonde. Medium brown would be considered a level 5 in shade. I recommend taking a look at 5N – Light Chestnut Brown and seeing if that would match the color that you are looking for. You can consider going one shade lighter to 6N – Dark Blonde, which is considered a medium/light brown. Or you can go one shade darker to 4N – Chestnut Brown, which is considered a medium/dark brown. Whatever your choice, a color strand test with a small section of hair would be the best indication of final results. If you have further questions, please call our helpline. We would be happy to help! 877.372.6567

  19. Hello,
    My daughter tried getting pink out of her hair with equal parts developer and baking soda, with smaller amounts of Dawn dish soap and purple shampoo. Her hair turned a high yellow/orange color and is uneven. I would like to get her hair back to a golden blonde. A hair colorist recommended using a Ash blonde: 9AV or 9AB with a 20% developer. Would your 9.31 A be the right product to use?

    1. Jenean at Naturtint USA

      Lisa, this sounds like a color emergency 🙂 Talking on the phone would provide the best advice and to tell you why that happened so that you can avoid it happening in the future. A few things to consider are:
      1. What is her natural color? Naturtint can only lift up to two shades. Maybe a level 9 is too light?
      2. When was the last time that she colored her hair or applied the developer/baking soda/Dawn dish soap method? Too much too soon can damage the cuticles and not allow color to take properly.
      Give me a call and we can discuss – 877.372.6567 or you can send an email to [email protected]

  20. Jenean at Naturtint USA

    Lisa, this sounds like a color emergency 🙂 Talking on the phone would provide the best advice and to tell you why that happened so that you can avoid it happening in the future. A few things to consider are:
    1. What is her natural color? Naturtint can only lift up to two shades. Maybe a level 9 is too light?
    2. When was the last time that she colored her hair or applied the developer/baking soda/Dawn dish soap method? Too much too soon can damage the cuticles and not allow color to take properly.
    Give me a call and we can discuss – 877.372.6567 or you can send an email to [email protected]

  21. I coloured my hair mistakenly in 9n and it turned out orange. It is very light and now I wonder if can fix it with either 10a or 8a. My natural haircolor is very dark blonde/ ash brown.

    1. Jenean at Naturtint USA

      Hello Tatjana,
      Naturtint can only successfully lift one to two shades from your natural color. Even adding an A tone (ash) into the mix may not take the orange out if you are coloring more than two shades from your natural color. The lighter you go the harder it is to fight the brassy colors. Seeing a picture of your hair would help me best in advising you of the color that you should use. Can you email us a picture? – [email protected]
      It’s possible that we might need to go one shade darker or else your roots will always be a little brassy.

  22. I tried the Dark Blond (6n) and was pleased except the hair that had been highlighted turned a slight greenish tinge in some lights. Would the Dark Ash Blonde (6A) be a better choice next time I color?

    1. Jenean at Naturtint USA

      Hello Karen,

      Green is a cool tone. To counteract cool tones you have to mix in a warm tone. I suggest mixing 6N and 6G – Dark Golden Blonde in a 50/50 mixture to balance out the color. Performing a color strand test with a small amount of color on a small chunk of hair will provide you with a preview of what the final results will be. Be sure to reach out to one of our color specialists if you have more questions. We’d be happy to help!

  23. Lori Rae Calton

    I have medium blonde hair,,, I want something totally different.. I have 2 different hair colors.. 5G,,Light Golden Chestnut… 4N,,Natural Chestnut… Any advice before I do this,, I just hate to open both for strand test…

    1. Jenean at Naturtint USA

      Hello Lori,
      Generally, there are not a lot of problems with going darker except going too dark. When undecided between two colors I suggest choosing the lighter color first because it’s easier to go darker and harder to go lighter. In this instance, 5G is the lighter color as it’s one shade lighter than 4N. Also, keep in mind that whatever you do not mix can be saved for later and possibly mixed with another color. If you are covering grays an N tone might be necessary. I have a few tips that I can share with you to help you choose the right combination of colors. Send me an email and I’ll send those tips to you – [email protected]

  24. Hi. I have a lot of gray hair and currently dying hair with 4N. I would love to transit to the chocolate brown. Which color would you recommend to add to 4N or maybe to 4G?

  25. I’m currently using Madison Reed hair product but need to start using a natural hair dye. What color would you recommend that is closest to their Sondrio Brown – 6.5NNA????

  26. Hi, my hair is medium/dark brown with some gray I decided to use the 4N (Natural chestnut) and it is black. How can I lighten it?

    1. Jenean @ Naturtint USA

      Hello Miriam, if you’ve colored your hair and it looks too dark, the healthiest thing for your hair is to allow the color to fade before coloring with a lighter color. Color goes in to dark when the hair is dry and porous, which allows for a quicker absorption rate. Usually when the hair is dry your dark color will fade to something more acceptable within a week or two. In that case that you know your hair is dry, you would choose a color one shade lighter, which would have been 5N – Light Chestnut Brown. At this point 5N will not do much, but if you wait four to six weeks and allow your current color to fade you’ll have much better color results. You can encourage the fading by increasing the frequency of shampooing to every day or every other day followed up with some good conditioning. If you choose to lighten it now you will have to go a few shades lighter than 5N and we recommend waiting at least two weeks in between color treatments AND performing a color strand test first to make sure that the color will be agreeable.

  27. Hi, I have had some professional hair color nightmares happen to me over the past 6 months. I now have very porous level 8 blond hair, but orange tint keeps coming thru. I am tired of getting my hair damaged at the salon, so I purchased 10a Light ash blonde. Do you think this will get rid of the orange hue in my hair? I keep conditioning it.

    1. Jenean @ Naturtint USA

      Hello Denise, the orange that you are seeing is a natural occurrence of lightning. So, the lighter you go the more issues you’ll have with orange/yellow tones. Going darker, closer to your natural color, will help conceal the orange tones. So, if you’re using 8N – Wheat Germ Blonde, I recommend mixing with 8A – Ash Blonde in a 50/50 mixture. Because 10A is lighter than both those colors (and probably much lighter than your natural hair color) you will still see warmth – brassy colors.

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