Naturtint USA Team

We are a united force of empowered professionals connected by our inclusion of diverse cultures, our motivated work ethic, and our passion for helping people discover healthier beauty and lifestyle choices.

It all began in the spring of 1998 when Brenda Boice was traveling Europe in search of innovative products to import and sell within the U.S. Health Food Industry. As a single mother, Brenda and her two small children picked up and moved from Williams, Oregon to Niverville, New York where she established International Trade Routes of NY Inc. (ITR). When the first cargo container of Naturtint arrived about a year later, the semi-truck backed down a tiny driveway of a 250-year-old Queen Anne Victorian home, where Brenda unloaded boxes into her basement. From there, orders were packed, weighed in the kitchen, and shipped directly to stores and customers.

As the company grew, Brenda purchased an old Purina Chow warehouse and restored it herself through a lot of DIY and hard work. It wasn’t long before Brenda’s daughter Ashley was answering phones and driving pallet jacks through the warehouse, becoming Chief Experience Officer in 2015. Brenda secured placement for Naturtint with United Natural Foods (UNFI), eventually leading to a relocation to a larger facility in Glenmont, New York, where Brenda once again rolled up her sleeves and remodeled the current location of ITR.

Brenda’s grandmother working at a hair salon in the 1940s. You might say our family has “roots” in the hair care industry!


To inspire, educate, and empower our community so that together we can make the world a better place.




We envision a world where people have their basic needs met and are able to achieve their full potential. Through dedication, education, integrity, and community involvement, we can achieve our vision one day, action, and relationship at a time.


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