How to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Summer Heat

Wondering how to keep your gorgeous locks looking good this season? While you might love the long sunny summer days, this time of year can take a toll on your hair. Elements like sun, water, heat and humidity all affect your hair’s integrity, especially if you’ve recently applied a fresh color. Here are a few ways summer fun can damage your hair… and how to protect it!

Here Comes the Sun

UV rays are probably the biggest concern when it comes to summer hair care. The same way your skin needs protection from that powerful sun, so does your hair. UV rays can cause color fading much faster than usual, as well as fry the strands, depleting moisture and causing frizz or split ends. Take precautions for your hair when you’re outside—wear a hat or scarf and use moisturizing products like a leave-in conditioner.

Beach, Please

Cooling off in the pool or ocean may be super refreshing but can take a toll on your lovely locks. Chlorine can be very damaging to both your hair and scalp, depending on your sensitivity. And while we all know how amazing beach waves look, saltwater can suck all the moisture out of your hair. Even if you prefer to lounge poolside or would rather stick to the sand over the surf, be sure to take those same sun precautions to keep your hair protected.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

If you try to avoid going outside as much as possible this time of year, higher temps or humidity can still affect your ‘do. Using hot styling tools such as a blow dryer or iron can deplete moisture and create dry or split ends. If you’re battling humidity, keeping your hair conditioned will help avoid frizz. Use moisturizing products to help maintain your color and prevent damage, like Naturtint’s CC Cream—a leave-in conditioner with ingredients like Baobab and Sunflower seed oils that help lock in moisture.

For more tips and tricks on how to keep your color looking fresh all season long, check out our post on 5 Ways to Keep Your Color From Fading. Or reach out to our color specialists for even more personalized assistance on healthy summer hair!

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